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Aulus Vitellius with his Father Lucius Vitellius Very Rare AR Denarius Roman Empire 69 AD Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSRD0080


Silver Roman Empire Denarius Vitelius, with Vitelius the Elder, Rome mint, struck 69 A.D. References: RIC I 99; BMCRE 26 (Vitellius); RSC 2.

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On the obverse is a portrait of Aulus Vitellius (the emperor), and on the reverse is a portrait of his father the consul Lucius Vitellius. There were 2 types minted with the portrait of the elder Vitellius. The other one is rarer than this type, but both types are very difficult to find for sale. The coinage baring his portrait with that of his son served the purpose of political propaganda intended to show the heritage and qualifications of his son to be Emperor.
Vitellius (Aulus), the son of Lucius Vitellius was born in A.D. 15 and passed his early life at Capri with Tiberius, and was a favorite with Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. Elected Consul of Africa in A.D. 48. In A.D. 68 he was sent by Galba to Germany, and soon after, revolted against him and was proclaimed Emperor by the soldiers.
Otho had in the meantime been elected Emperor at Rome but was defeated by Vitellius in A.D. 69 at Bedriacum. He did not, however, long enjoy the supreme power, for his gluttony and prodigality were so disgraceful that Vespasian who was in command of the war against the Jews, was persuaded to allow himself to be elected Emperor. After a reign of about eight months, Vitellius was captured at Rome by the soldiers of Vespasian and killed at the Gemoniae Scalae. His brother Lucius and his son were also killed.
Obverse side
Head of Vitellius, laureate, right

Reverse side
Bust of Lucius Vitellius, laureate and draped, right; eagle-tipped sceptre in front

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,47 g
Dimensions 19,6 mm


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