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What are ancient replica coins worth? Here is the truth that most of the sellers don’t want you to know.

A British person, named Charles, sent me this email a few weeks ago.

“Numismatics and ancient Roman and Greek coins have been my passion ever since I was in the 7th grade. I have read tons of literature on the topic and I own a couple of Denarius. I even write posts about rare coins on my Facebook page. So I wanted to ask you aren’t ancient replica coins just worthless?”

Being in this industry for almost 9 years, we have been asked this question many… many times.

And the answer is way too simple.

Keep on reading.

What are the coins in CoinAntix’ shop?

We, from CoinAntix, have always openly admitted that all our items are replicas, reproductions. There are our antagonists from different online forums keeping records of all familiar replica coins. And even they appreciate our honesty.

This is a legal business as our products are items with a commercial purpose. Since they are not a monument of culture, our collection of coins, rings, and other artifacts can be exported all over the world.

Who is selling real ancient coins?

Genuine coins are made of solid silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc. And if still in their original condition, they have patina, scratches, indentations, which indicate their age. You can buy them from certified Auction houses at usually high prices reflecting their rarity and genuineness.

Many of the sellers online, however, are being very inventive and resourceful in mimicking these qualities. And they also claim to be selling real pieces. But often you can often tell the differences to the genuine coins. What these other sellers might not tell you is that they also sell replicas, just with a ridiculously bigger profit.

And if you ever wonder how to tell the difference between the genuine and replica roman and greek coins, keep tuned, as this will be a subject of an upcoming post.

But what actually are the benefits for the buyer? And what is a reproduction coin worth?

The replica coin or item can be a great collection filler, a perfect gift for a precious person, or a substantial educational resource.

Many of our customers are collectors enthusiasts, who are familiar with the prices of genuine articles but still want to have a rare Tetradrachm, Sestertius or Denarius on display at their home.

We have regular purchases from professors from prominent universities in the United States, Germany, Japan.

A special part of our clients are those who buy our items as gifts for their friends and loved ones. Either for a relative, who is a passionate collector or for a well-respected business partner, a replica coin or artifact is being gifted for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries.

CoinAntix is adding value for the coin collector by offering quality with an untouched authentic feel at a fraction of the actual price. Piece of history in your hands.

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