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Terone, Macedonia AR Tetradrachm 500-490 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Mendaian Amphora Museum Reproduction CSGT0050


Silver Greek Tetradrachm Terone, Macedonia, Aegean mint, struck 500-490 B.C. Reference: Gaebler 1935, pl.26: no.7.

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Terone was a city in Macedonia which struck silver coins fairly early. Example of these tetradrachms are scarce and earlier examples such as this struck to the Macedonian standard are rare. Each variety of these must have had a very low mintage as this reverse punch was used with a variety of obverse types, in both weight standards.

Terone appearing in mythology testifies to its great age. Toroni – that was how the wife of Proteus was called, god of the sea. She gave birth to two sons that were to be defeated by Herakles later. The earliest testimony of the historical significance of the city is its coins from the 6th cent. Due to its magnificent port, the city ranged amongst the most important trade centers of Chalkidiki, which is supported by the fact that its annual toll as member of the Delian League was 36,000 drachmai (=6 talents).
One of the most well known, widely exported,and highly regarded wines of Classical antiquity was Mendaian, named after the Chalkidian polis, and the distinctive amphora type that carried the appellation.
Obverse side
Two nymphs standing face to face, supporting between them an amphora

Reverse side
Quadripartite incuse square

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 15,8 g
Dimensions 24,4 mm


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