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Saratokos, Kings of Thrace Extremely Rare AR Tetrobol 410-380 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGO0004


Silver Greek Tetrobol Kings of Thrace, Saratokos, Thasos or Maronea mint, struck 410-380 B.C. Extremely Rare. References: Moushmov 5693 (ca. 400 BC); Peter p.100 (late 5th-early 4th c. BC); Topalov (2005) 68 (ca. 444-424 BC); Youroukova — (ca. 400 BC). Saratokos is a Thracian ruler known only from his coinage. The exquisite style of his coins indicates that they belong to the age of fine striking of coins, the first quarter of the 4th century BC. A bunch of grapes or grapes hanging from a vine, link this coinage to that of Maronea. The Satyr and Kantharos with the name of Saratokos is duplicate of the corresponding coin of Thasos. This closeness of the coin types make it possible to establish in general lines the territories of Saratokos, which occupied the south-western part of Thrace between Abdera and Maroneia and reached as far as the island of Thasos.

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The silver coinage of Saratokos, trihemiobols with an average weight of 0.95 g and diobols of 1.20 g, were struck, as was the case of the coinage of Thasos, Maronea, Ainos, Abdera, Byzantium etc., according to the Chian standard. The closeness to the eastern coin standards facilitated trade connections between the Greek colonies situated along the Thracian coast-line and the Great Eastern Monarchy. The name of Saratokos is also connected with one rare bronze coin of a very small denomination. The type, a bearded Satyr and a bunch of grapes, allows to attribute it to the coinage of Saratokos, as an inscription is lacking. [Youroukova 1976, Peter 1997]
Obverse side
Male head with long hair (Saratokos) right

Reverse side
Bunch of grapes hanging from vine, vessel beneath; all within incuse square
Σ – AP

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,2 g
Dimensions 12,1 mm


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