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Himera, Sicily AR Didrachm Stater 483-472 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Rooster and Crab Museum Reproduction CSGDS0019


Silver Greek Didrachm Himera, Sicily, struck 483-472 B.C. References: Traité II-1, 2379–2380; BMC 24; SNG ANS 155-63; Hoover HGC 438.

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The selection of a Greek city-state’s coin type often reflected some important local crop. A “type parlant,” or punning allusion to the city’s name, could also be chosen. Here, the Greek word for “day” is identified with the first sound of the ancient day — the herald of the rooster.

At the time this coin was struck it was a mere eight years since the massive battle of Himera took place. Gelon, the tyrant of Gela, was asked by the aristocrats of Syracuse to help bring them home after they were expelled. At the same time, the Carthaginians, who had several settlements on the island of Sicily, saw an opportunity to try bring war as the rest of Greece was preoccupied fighting the Persians.
Gelon was successful in defeating the Carthaginians and came under the domination of Syracuse. While Himera did celebrate the Carthaginian defeat with new coinage that was influenced by Syracuse (i.e. a chariot on the obverse similar to that of Syracuse), it also maintained its coinage with a rooster and crab imagery.
Himera was finally destroyed by Hannibal Mago, grandson of Hamilcar and not to be confused with the famous Hannibal of the famous Barcid family, in 409 BC. The citizens of Himera then resettled in neighboring Thermae.
Obverse side
Rooster standing left

Reverse side
Crab within shallow incuse

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 7,67 g
Dimensions 20,7 mm


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