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Antigonus III Doson, Macedonian Kingdom AR Tetradrachm 227-225 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGT0072


Silver Greek Tetradrachm Macedonian Kingdom, Antigonus III, Amphipolis mint, struck 227-225 B.C. References:SNG Ashmolean 3266 (same obverse die). SNG Saroglos 933. SNG Ashmolean 3266. SNG Copenhagen 1204. Dewing 1206.

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Antigonus III Doson was the king of Macedon from 229 BC to 221 BC. He was a member of the Antigonid dynasty and the son of Demetrius the Fair. As king, Antigonus III proved to be as much a master of tactical diplomacy as of military strategy. In less than a decade of rule he not only secured the borders of his nation, he also reestablished Macedon as the dominant power in the region. Unlike previous Macedonian rulers who attempted direct dominion over their fiercely independent neighbors to the West and South, he formed alliances with Epirus and the Achaean League. When Sparta, under Cleomenes III, attempted to establish hegemony over the whole Peloponnese, Aratus of Sicyon – long the leader of Greek opposition to Macedonian domination – invited Antigonus to intervene (226 BC). Establishing his base on the heights above Corinth, Antigonus reconstituted a broad-based Hellenic league (224 BC) under his leadership before launching his attack on Sparta. The Spartan forces, outmatched by the larger, better equipped Macedonian army, were so overwhelmed in the battle of Sellasia (222 BC) that Cleomenes only managed to escape with a few horsemen, and ultimately had to seek refuge in Egypt. However, in a magnanimous gesture, Antigonus restrained his soldiers from plundering Sparta, saying it was Cleomenes, not Sparta, that was his enemy.
Antigonus did not long survive this victory. For, while his forces were campaigning in the southern Peloponnese, Illyrians invaded Macedonia from the north. Antigonus had to rush north to repel this new threat. On his way, Antigonus passed through Tegea and Argos, his arrival at the latter coinciding with the beginning of the Nemean Games, where he was honoured by the Achaean League and various other cities. His death occurred soon after, when he returned to Macedon and engaged the Illyian army; for though Macedonian forces were once again victorious, the commander became sick during the battle (possibly though not necessarily as a result of a ruptured blood vessel) and died.

Obverse side
Head of Poseidon right, wearing wreath of seaweed

Reverse side
Apollo, examining bow held in extended right hand, seated left on prow left; monogram below (off flan)

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 17,36 g
Dimensions 30,7 mm


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