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Ancient Greek Tetradrachm

The story of the coin

The tetradrachm was an Ancient Greek silver coin equivalent to four drachmae. In Athens, it replaced the earlier “heraldic” type of didrachms and it was in wide circulation from c. 510 to c. 38 BC. The Athenian tetradrachm was perhaps the most widely used coin in the Greek world before the time of Alexander the Great. The silver tetradrachm is believed to be the coin given to Judas for betraying Jesus.

Iconic in the modern days

It’s so famous, in fact, that this coin will also be recognized by much of the general public. It is pictured on the modern one euro of Greece and is one of the symbols of the Greek city of Athens nowadays. This, of course, is about the famous tetradrachm from Athens minted more than 2,000 years ago. Three different types can be distinguished through time, although these types can also be differentiated into further subtypes.

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