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Usurper Sponsianus Very Interesting and Extremely Rare AR Denarius Roman Empire 250 AD Museum Reproduction CSRD0013


Silver Denarius copy of a Roman Empire Aureus (18mm, 3.58g.) Usurper Sponsianus, uncertain mint, struck 250 A.D. (?)

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Sponsianus is believed to have been a Roman usurper, who attempted to seize the throne during the 240s, likely during the rule of Philip the Arab. The sole evidence found for his existence was from a single aureus, found in 1713 in Transylvania, among coins bearing the inscription of Philip the Arab and Gordian III, bearing the inscription of Sponsianus. The numismatist Henry Cohen believed them to be “very poor quality modern forgeries”. However, according to the ancient numismatist Wayne Sayles, as the usurpers and emperors of the time were often ephemeral, the lack of coins should not be seen as evidence that Sponsianus did not actually exist. The problems with the aureus are twofold: firstly, the obverse (face) side of the coin is “barbaric and strange” according to the findings of the Roman Imperial Coinage, and the reverse (tail) side of the coin appears to be a copy of a Republican denarius struck in 135 BC.

Obverse side
Radiate bust right

Reverse side
Two togate figures, right and left of column, one on right holding an uncertain object, on column a statue, bells above, corn ears below

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,58 g
Dimensions 18 mm


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