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Tigranes II “The Great” King of Armenia Very Rare AR Tetradrachm 80-68 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Zoroastrianism Museum Reproduction CSGT0013


Silver Greek Tetradrachm (27.3mm, 14.73g.) Kings of Armenia, Tigranes II, Antioch mint, struck 80-68 B.C.

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Tigranes’ coins consist of tetradrachms and copper coins having on the obverse his portrait wearing a decorated Armenian tiara with ear-flaps. The reverse has a completely original design. There are the seated Tyche of Antioch and the river god Orontes at her feet.

Tigranes II “the Great” was one of the finest kings of ancient Armenia. At its height, his empire extended from the Pontic Alps (in modern north-eastern Turkey) to Mesopotamia, and from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. Tigranes invaded territories as far away as Ecbatana and took the title King of Kings which, at the time, according to their coins, even the Parthian kings did not assume. After subduing the Parthians, Tigranes also assumed the authority over former Parthian territories. He was called “Tigranes the Great” by many historians and writers, such as Plutarch. The “King of Kings” never appeared in public without having at least four kings attending him. Cicero, referring to his success in the east, said that he “made the Republic of Rome tremble before the prowess of his arms.”
Obverse side
Head of Tigranes II to right, wearing diademed tiara with five peaks and ornamented with an eight – pointed star between two eagles, their heads turned back towards the star; beed and reel border

Reverse side
Turreted and draped Tyche of Antioch seated to right on rocks, holding palm with her outstretched right hand; at her feet to right, the river god Orontes; no monograms; all within laurel wreath

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 14,73 g
Dimensions 27,3 mm


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