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Seleucus III Soter Keraunos AR Tetradrachm 226-223 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGT0073


Silver Greek Tetradrachm Seleucus III Keraunos, Antioch on the Orontes mint, struck 226-223 B.C. References: SC 921.4, SNG Spaer-.

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Seleucus III Soter, called Seleucus Ceraunus was a ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid Kingdom, the eldest son of Seleucus II Callinicus and Laodice II. His birth name was Alexander and he was named after his great uncle the Seleucid official Alexander. Alexander changed his name to Seleucus after he succeeded his father as King. After a brief reign of less than two years (225–223 BC), during which he unsuccessfully continued his father’s war in Asia Minor against Attalus I of Pergamon of Pergamum, Seleucus was assassinated in Anatolia by members of his army. His official byname Soter means “Saviour”, while his nickname Ceraunus means “Thunderbolt”.

Obverse side
Diademed head of Seleukos III with long sideburn to right

Reverse side
Apollo seated to left on omphalos, testing arrow and resting right hand on bow, monograms on outer left and outer right
BAΣIΛEΩΣ to right and ΣΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ to left

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 16,45 g
Dimensions 27,5 mm


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