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Roman Period Chariot Application Female Panther Terracotta Ceramics Durostorum Circa III C. AD Museum Reproduction TS0002


Terracotta Reproduction (stamped with the museum’s name and signature) of a late Roman period panther application, decorating the chariot of a Roman general /legate of XI legion/ III c. AD, found in Durostorum’s necropolis (modern Silistra, Bulgaria).

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PRE-ORDER. This item may take 1-2 weeks to ship. Variations in shape, weight, and color are to be expected as each item is handmade.

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Depiction of a female panther placing her left paw on a cow’s head, which must carry some symbolism. Panthers are closely linked to god Bacchus, and interestingly enough, another application from a chariot, bust of Bacchus, was found at Durostorum in the same time period. The original artifacts are currently in Regional Museum of History- Silistra.
The panther (or leopard) was a totemic symbol of Dionysus, whose priests wore panther-skins. Its name in Greek meant “All-beast” referring to the god as “the All” which was also another beast version of divinity, Pan. Panthers were much admired in Rome, and were imported from Africa for public displays and games in the arena.
The jaguar, specifically panther, is linked to the Roman god Bacchus (Greek Dionysus). Bacchus was supposedly nursed by panthers, and in some depictions he is riding a chariot pulled by the large cats. Bacchus is often thought of as the god of wine and mirth, but he is strongly linked to the unleashing of desires. So, the panther, too, is a symbol of subconscious urges and abilities. This is something the Aztecs and Mayans also had a notion of. Both peoples spoke and taught about the power of becoming half-jaguar and half-human, because a person who can do this can be rid of all of his cultural restrictions and inhibitions. In other words, he can finally act upon his hidden desires.
Measurements: L 15cm x H 9.3cm with a weight of 222 gr

Weight 222 g
Dimensions 15 mm


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