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Roman Bronze Umbonate Disk Brooch Fibula Sun Symbol 200-300 AD with Green Patina Museum Reproduction AB0002


Museum Reproduction brooch circa 2nd-3rd Century AD in the shape of a wheel; also known as “Wheel of Fortune”, the applique in the center is an interesting depiction of the Sun Symbol.

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PRE-ORDER. This item may take 1-2 weeks to ship. Variations in shape, weight, and color are to be expected as each item is handmade.

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The fibula has been aged with oxidized green patina and earthy surface soil deposits. Embeds genuine relief and original detail. This is a reproduction of the original relic in order to duplicate it for open and honest purposes. Such duplicates are made where the original is very rare and replacement is impossible. Reproductions of an ancient relic permit it to be displayed at more than one location or to be handled by the public. A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.
Fibula, brooch, or pin, originally used in Greek and Roman dress for fastening garments. The fibula developed in a variety of shapes, but all were based on the safety-pin principle.
Greek fibulae from the 7th century bc were elaborately decorated along the long catch plate: rows of animals, such as ducks, lions, and sphinxes, might be soldered on, or a frieze of animals might be worked in relief. The fibula was in widespread use throughout the ancient world. An example from Persia from the 7th century bc has fastenings in the form of a human hand and is decorated with two lions placed head to tail. The Etruscans were fond of fibulae, some of which were very large and decorated with elaborate granulation and processions of animals done in relief. The Roman conquests spread the use of the fibula, which became the basis for more complicated brooches. By the Middle Ages the Roman safety-pin type of fibula had fallen into disuse.
Measurements: Diameter 4.5 cm with a weight of 38.57 gr

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Weight 38,57 g
Dimensions 4,5 mm


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