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Pertinax Extremely Rare AR Denarius Roman Empire 193 AD Silver Coin Liberalitas on Reverse Museum Reproduction CSRD0120


Extremely rare (one of the most rarest denarius of Pertinax) Roman Empire Denarius Pertinax, Rome mint, struck 193 A.D. References: RIC IV 5; RSC 28.

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LIBERATIS CIVIBVS – To Citizens restored to Liberty. This inscription, which appears on a rare silver coin of Pertinax, is new to the Roman mint; but its meaning is obvious, as struck by the virtuous prince who restored Rome to liberty, after the tyranny of Commodus had been abolished. It is, however, more difficult to find any agreement between the epigraph and the type of this medal, which is simply the usual one of Liberality (a woman with tessera and cornucopiae).
It appears that by this reverse only the liberality of Pertinax is indicated, which has been noted on a preceeding medal, but which was the more agreeable to the Roman people, because it was a liberality no longer bestowed on citizens oppressed with tyranny, but granted at length, liberatis civibus, to freemen.

Obverse side
Laureate head of Pertinax, right

Reverse side
Liberalitas standing left, holding coin counter and cornucopiae

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,21 g
Dimensions 18,6 mm


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