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Marcus Aurelius AR Denarius Roman Empire 165 AD Rare Issue Silver Coin COS IIII Museum Reproduction CSRD0123


Silver Roman Empire Denarius Marcus Aurelius, Rome mint, struck 165 A.D.

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His coinage extends over four decades (139 – 180 CE) and it also survives in abundance. On it, we see his progress from adolescence to manhood, prematurely aged by hard campaigning and the cares of ruling an Empire in crisis.

Marcus Aurelius was recognized by Hadrian as a fine and capable youth and betrothed to the daughter of Aelius. Antoninus Pius adopted him and in 145 A.D. he married Antoninus’ daughter, Faustina II. In 161 A.D., he succeeded Antoninus as Augustus, immediately proclaiming Lucius Verus his co-emperor. Although known for his adherence to the philosophy of Stoicism and as a naturally peaceful man, Marcus’ reign was disturbed by war with Parthia, plague and then a long, hard war along the Danube frontier. He died on March 17th, 180 A.D. and was deified by the senate soon after.
Obverse side
Laureate head of Marcus Aurelius right

Reverse side
Emperor, togate, standing left, holding globe

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,32 g
Dimensions 19,2 mm


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