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L. Aelius as Caesar Rare AR Denarius Roman Empire 137 AD Silver Coins Spes on Reverse Museum Reproduction CSRD0047


Silver Roman Empire Denarius (19.2mm, 02.53g.) Lucius Aelius as Caesar, Rome mint, struck 137 A.D. under Hadrian. References: R.I.C., 435a/S; Cohen, 55/Fr.12.

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In 136, Aelius was adopted by an aging and ailing Hadrian and made caesar, successor to the throne. He had no military experience but had served as a senator and had powerful political connections. He was known for luxurious taste, an extravagant lifestyle, but also poor health. He was never to become emperor, dying before Hadrian, on 1 January 138.

Spes was the Roman personification of Hope. In art Spes is normally depicted carrying flowers or a cornucopia, but on coins she is almost invariably depicted holding a flower in her extended right hand, while the left is raising a fold of her dress. She was also named “ultima dea” – for Hope is the last resort of men. On this coin, the Caesar, Aelius, the designated successor of the emperor, is identified as the hope for the future of the Roman people. Aelius was never to become emperor, dying shortly before Hadrian.
Obverse side
Bare head of Lucius Aelius right

Reverse side
Spes walking left, holding flower and raising hem of skirt

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors

Weight 3,24 g
Dimensions 17,7 mm


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