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Kings of Paeonia, Teutamados AR Tetradrachm of the Highest Rarity Circa 400 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGT0066


Silver Greek Tetradrachm Paeonia Kingdom, King Teutamados, unknown mint, struck circa 400 B.C. Of the Highest Rarity and great historical importance. Unpublished in standard references. Very few known specimens. There is no other evidence for the existence of Teutamados apart from these coins.

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Very little is known about the kingdom of Paionia. What we do know is that it lay in the northern part of Macedonia and that the Paionians eagerly pillaged the richer Macedonian states. At any rate, their coins depict Paionians on horseback hurling their spears at Macedonians lying on the ground (who are occasionally identifiable by their characteristic Macedonian shield).

The Paionians lived on the shores of the Axios (Vardar), right where the Erigon (Crna Reka) flows into it. This strategic position allowed them to preside over the attack route towards Macedonia in the North. Controlling the Paionians and their actions must have been a high priority for every ambitious Macedonian king; after all, they could encroach, unimpeded, at any time on Macedonian territory.

When Perdiccas III, predecessor of Philip II, was killed in the battle against the Illyrians, the Paionians – under the leadership of a man named Agis – used this opportunity to launch raids into Macedonia. Philip resolved the situation with bribery and Agis retreated, then died later that same year. Philip took this opportunity to pounce, and brought the Paionians under his control.

From then on, the Paionian kings created a more or less autonomous buffer state independent from Macedonia. We know the Paionian client kings Lykkeios (356-335) and Patraos (335-315) primarily from their coinage. But whether Teutamados ruled prior to or after them, or if he was perhaps a counter-king of an independent tribal chapter, we still don’t know.

The front of it depicts the bearded head of a man, but of whom exactly? We’re not sure – perhaps of Zeus, or maybe of Teutamados himself. On the reverse, we find the usual Paionian male type, the horseman hurling a spear, whose face also bears portrait-like features. Is this intended to be a portrait of Teutamados himself? And will we ever find out? It’s a mysterious and enigmatic coin to say the least, but one that nonetheless offers an extraordinary testimony of the history of northern Macedonia.

Obverse side
Head of bearded man left

Reverse side
Horseman spearing a fallen enemy, who is defending with his shield

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 17,01 g
Dimensions 26,6 mm


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