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Julia Maesa (Augusta) AE32 (8 Assaria) Paphlagonia, Amastris Roman Provincial 225 AD Bronze Coin with Green Patina Museum Reproduction CBRS0023


This AE32 Copper Roman Provincial Coin (33.2mm, 21.09g.) depicts Julia Maesa. It has been minted in Paphlagonia, Amastris in 225 A.D. It is referenced in B.M.C. 13. 89, 34.

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Paphlagonia was a rugged mountainous area on the Black Sea coast of north central Anatolia, between Bithynia to the west and Pontus to the east. Herodotus names the Paphlagonians among the peoples conquered by Croesus, and they sent an important contingent to the army of Xerxes in 480 B.C. After the death of Alexander the Great, it was assigned, together with Cappadocia and Mysia, to Eumenes. However, it continued to be governed by native princes until it was absorbed by Pontus. It was not until 183 B.C. that Pharnaces took Sinope under their control. From that time, the whole province was incorporated into the kingdom of Pontus until the fall of Mithridates to Rome in 65 B.C.

Julia Maesa was the sister of Julia Domna and grandmother of both Elagabalus and Severus Alexander. After her nephew Caracalla was murdered, Julia Maesa used her ample funds to successfully overthrow the usurper Macrinus and place her grandson Elagabalus on the throne. The teenager was a disaster as emperor, scorning Roman values with religious and sexual scandals. She cleverly convinced Elagabalus to adopt her other grandson Alexander as his heir. Shortly after Elagabalus and his mother were murdered by the Praetorian Guard, dragged through the streets and thrown into the Tiber. Through it all, Maesa held the power behind the throne.
Obverse side
Diademed and draped bust of Julia Maesa, right, holding poppy flower

Reverse side
Zeus standing facing, looking l., holding sceptre, and Hera standing facing, looking r., holding sceptre; all around, the signs of the Zodiac delimited by a dotted circle

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 21,09 g
Dimensions 33,2 mm


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