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Judaea First Revolt AR Shekel Year 3 (68-69 CE) Jerusalem 66-73 AD Ancient Jewish Silver Coin (Paleo-Hebrew) Year 3 (68-69 CE) Museum Reproduction CSJS0003

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Silver Jewish Shekel Coin Judaea First Revolt Year 3 (68-69 CE), mint of Jerusalem. References: Hendin 1361. A rare ancient silver shekel minted by the Jewish people during the First Jewish-Roman War, also known as the Great Revolt or ha-Mered Ha-Gadol. Struck in the Holy city of Jerusalem during the third year of the conflict (68/69 AD).

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In 66 AD the tiny Jewish nation of Judaea rebelled against the oppressive might of the Roman Empire. One of the very first acts of the Jewish people was to begin the production of their first precious metal coinage, a defiant statement of independence. These incredibly poignant and wondrously tactile pieces of silver serve as an unmistakable proclamation of the Jewish desire for sovereignty and for the preservation of their identity.
The high purity silver coins were struck for just five years, each dated with the year of the rebellion, in this case year three. They were overstruck on the Tyrian shekels taken from the Temple treasury itself, replacing the old nationalistic Tyrian symbols and legends, “Tyre the Holy and the Inviolable” with the new legends, ‘Shekel of Israel’ ‘Jerusalem the Holy’.
More than just a coin, this artefact pays testimony to the struggle of the Jewish people to preserve their religion and culture in the face of great adversity.
Obverse side
‘Shekel of Israel’ in Palaeo-Hebrew, around a ritual chalice
Reverse side
‘Jerusalem the Holy’ in Palaeo-Hebrew, around a branch with three pomegranates

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 13,3 g
Dimensions 22,5 mm

1 review for Judaea First Revolt AR Shekel Year 3 (68-69 CE) Jerusalem 66-73 AD Ancient Jewish Silver Coin (Paleo-Hebrew) Year 3 (68-69 CE) Museum Reproduction CSJS0003

  1. Stephen Bobkin (verified owner)

    This is a first rate reproduction that is perfect for teaching and to add to a Biblical coin collection when the real deal is still out of question. The weight and size are within the actual estimates and its a bonus that it is made of silver.

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