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Herakleia Ad Latmos, Ionia AR Tetradrachm 150-145 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGT0061


Silver Greek Tetradrachm Herakleia ad Latmos, Ionia, struck 150-145 B.C. References: SNG von Aulock 1977.

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Heraclea at Latmus or Heraclea under Latmus, or simply Heraclea or Herakleia (Ἡράκλεια), also transliterated as Heracleia, was an ancient town situated at the western foot of Mount Latmus, on the border between Caria and Ionia in southwestern Asia Minor (modern Turkey). The site, now occupied by the modern village of Kapıkırı, stands on the shore of Lake Bafa, which in antiquity was part of the Gulf of Latmus before it was silted up by deposits from the river Maeander. Substantial remains of the city and its fortifications still survive.

Obverse side
Head of Athena Parthenos right, in pendant earring and triple-crested Attic helmet ornamented with five horse foreparts above visor and Pegasus above cheek guard

Reverse side
Horizontal club, below owl standing three-quarters right, MAT monogram on left and ΩNΡ monogram on right, all within oak wreath

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 16,85 g
Dimensions 27,6 mm


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