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Gordian III Very Rare Æ Colosseum Medallion Roman Empire 238-244 AD Copper Coin Museum Reproduction CRM0004


Æ Copper Roman Empire Medallion (41.1mm, 42.41g.) Gordian III, Rome mint, struck 238-244 A.D. References: PCR / Principal coins of the Romans: Volume I: The Republic c. 290 – 31 BC; Volume II: The Principate 31 BC – AD 296; Volume III: The Dominate AD 294 – 498. (780) BMCRM / Roman Medallions in the British Museum (13, p.48) Gnecchi 1912 Vol. II / I Medaglioni Romani: Volume Secondo: Bronzo (22, p.89). The type refers either to the emperor’s generosity in presenting games, or, possibly, in restoring the Colosseum.

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PRE-ORDER. This item may take 1-2 weeks to ship. Variations in shape, weight, and color are to be expected as each item is handmade.

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Obverse side
Bust of Gordian III, laureate, draped and armed with spear and shield, the latter decorated with a relief showing the Emperor galloping left on horseback, preceded by Victory bearing a wreath and followed by a soldier

Reverse side
View of the Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum) from above; within are three continuous rows of spectators with the praefect of the games seated in their midst, watching a fight between a bull and an elephant with rider. Figures can be seen in the upper two storeys of archways; on the left, the Meta Sudans with a laureate male figure standing facing behind it, holding a rudder; on the right, is a porch surmounted by pediment, within which is a standing figure

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 42,41 g
Dimensions 41,1 mm


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