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Etruria, Populonia Rare AR 10 Asses 211-206 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Medusa Gorgon Museum Reproduction CSGO0012


AR 10 Asses Etruria, Populonia, struck 211-206 B.C.

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The Etruscan city of Populonia was named for one of its gods Fufluns. There is little known about the Etruscan civilization. Much has been understood because of the coinage produced there. Etruria is located in what is now modern Tuscany, western Umbria and northern Lazio. Prior to the rise of Rome, the area of Etruria was a prosperous one with its own distinct language and culture. A series of battles called the Roman-Etruscan Wars lasted for hundreds of years from the 8th century BC until roughly 280 BC. Eventually the Etruscan population merged completely with the conquering Romans. The Etruscan language lasted another 300 years even after its consolidation with Rome. This coin was struck just previous to the end of Etrurian culture as it was known.

The reverse die of this series is thought to have been inscribed with the ethnic POPLV, in Etruscan, but none of the extant examples are clear enough to be certain. In any event, the die was apparently used long after the legend was worn off. Most of the Etruscan coin-types are of Greek origin. The Wheel, the Gorgon, and the Bull ‘s-head may possibly point to solar and lunar worship. The head of Vulcan with his hammer and tongs recalls the metal working and mining activity of some of the districts about Populonia, and especially in the island of Elba. Other types, such as the Hippocamp the Polypus, Dolphin, and Prow, remind us of the power of the Etruscans on the sea; while some, such as the head of Hades, the Kerberos, Griffin, Sphinx, leonine Chimaera, and the head of a Priest or Augur, are suggestive of those gloomy and horrible or fantastic ideas connected with death and the world of shades, which are especially characteristic of the religion of the Etruscans.
Obverse side
Facing head of Metus, tongue protruding, hair bound with diadem; X below (mark of value 10 units)

Reverse side

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 4,24 g
Dimensions 16 mm


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