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Dynast of Thrace, Dokimos AR Stater Circa 500 BC Ancient Greek Silver Coin Museum Reproduction CSGDS0045


Silver Greek Stater dynast Dokimos, Thrace, struck circa 500 B.C.

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The name Dokimos is probably that of a magistrate, who may have been an ancestor of the celebrated Macedonian general of the same name, who founded the town of Dokimeum in Phrygia.

Of all the so-called ”Thraco-Macedonian” series, the coins that have received the least attention are the coins that bear the image of a half-kneeling bull. This may be due to the fact that these coins are less “exciting” than others of the same area, their small size, but most probably to the fact that they are almost impossible to attribute with any degree of certainty. This is probably why past propositions have included a variety of attributions. Of these we can cite the examples of the attribution to Acanthus by Barclay Head, an attribution accepted by Babelon. Svoronos, drawing on his experience of his study of all the “Thraco-Macedonian” did not hesitate to attribute the coins to various sources, given that the appearance of the same type combined with diverse legends is frequently observed among the coins of the area. He thus interpreted the legend ΔΟΚΙ that can be read on some of the specimens as the name of an unknown king of the Derrones, a “Thraco-Macedonian” tribe whose existence has been deduced from the legend found on large octadrachm coins. The coins combined with the type of a wheel on the reverse he attributed to the Ichnaians, yet another tribe known only from the coin-legends, while the variety bearing the letters OPP above the obverse type he attributed to the Orreskioi, a third unknown tribe. Gaebler prefers not to take a stand on the matter, classing some of the coins simply as “Macedonian uncertain”, while noting the previous theories, although he does seem to accept Svoronos’ attribution of the coins with the OPP legend and a number of uninscribed coins to the Orreskioi and those with the wheel on the reverse to the Ichnaioi, those with a triskeles on the reverse to the Derrones and others to a “Thraco-Macedonian” ruler Dokimos.
Obverse side
Bull butting left
ΔΟΚΙΜΟΣ (retrograde)

Reverse side
Large helmet left in incuse square

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 10,69 g
Dimensions 23,3 mm


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