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Dual Portrait Issue Augustus and Agrippa Very Rare AR Denarius Roman Empire 13 BC Museum Reproduction CSRD0033


Silver Roman Empire Denarius (18.3mm, 3.30g.) Octavian as Augustus and Agrippa, Rome mint, struck 13 B.C. by moneyer C. Sulpicius Platorinus. References: RIC 409. BMC 112. C 3. CBN 534.

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There were only two occasions in which imperial coins were struck for Agrippa, this coin and the rostral crown type. Exceptions were the copper asses struck in his name long after his death and the provincial coinages from Nemausus. “Augustus’ lifelong friend and colleague died the year following this issue which probably commemorates the renewal of Agrippa’s tribunician power.” Sear 1725.
This issue was hand struck in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (ancient Roman province Philippopolis). It goes without saying you always get the exact item in the picture.
Marcus Agrippa was the architect of Augustus’ military success for more than three decades, and otherwise was his greatest supporter in all realms of public life. Agrippa was wise to attach himself to Augustus rather than to Marc Antony, and wiser still in subsequent years to control his ego and to accept a position second to Augustus, for it provided him with a lifetime of rewards and eternal fame. Though there can be no doubt Augustus was the genius behind the transformation of Rome from a republic to an empire, Agrippa’s influence and importance in the process should not be underestimated. On this coin Agrippa is honored with an imperial portrait, which not only marked him as the heir-apparent of Augustus, but which identified his position within the dynasty on the occasion of the joint-renewal of the tribunician powers of Augustus and Agrippa in 13 B.C. The ceremony and its related celebrations were held in Rome, to which both men had recently returned – Augustus from Gaul and Agrippa from the East. It was a moment of peak glory for Agrippa, though it would not long endure, for he died in the following year. On this coin Agrippa is shown bare-headed, in the same fashion as Augustus.
Obverse side
Bare-head of Augustus Caesar right

Reverse side
Bare-head of Agrippa right
M AGRIPPA upwards on left, PLATORINVS III VIR upwards on right

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,3 g
Dimensions 18,3 mm


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