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Domitian AR Denarius Roman Empire 88 AD Silver Coin Germania on Reverse Museum Reproduction CSRD0019


Silver Roman Empire Denarius (19.6mm, 03.60g.) Domitian, Rome mint, struck 88 A.D. References for same aureus: RIC 127; C. 148; BMCRE 143; Calicó 838; BN 133; Hurter, Kaiser 11; Kent & Hirmer 243.

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Domitian’s wars against the Germans are described by his biographers as farcical affairs unworthy of celebration, but this likely stems from the hostile press he received after his assassination. Shortly after securing the throne, he set off with the legions in a campaign against the Chatti in AD 83, after which he claimed the title Germanicus, seen on this coin issued about a decade later. Whether the campaign was punitive in nature, or just an opportunity for Domitian to gain credibility with the Legions, it does seem to have enabled him to secure Roman control of the frontier area known as the Agri Decumates, which remained in Roman hands for another century and a half.

Obverse side
Head of Domitian, laureate, right

Reverse side
Germania, nude to waist, head resting on left hand in attitude of mourning, half-reclining to right upon Germanic hexagonal shield, broken spear below.

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 3,6 g
Dimensions 19,6 mm


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