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Diva Paulina Wife of Maximinus I Consecration Issue AE Sestertius Roman Empire 236 AD Bronze Coin Museum Reproduction CBRS0010


This AE Bronze Roman Empire Sestertius (33.6mm, 26.80g.) depicts Diva Paulina. It has been minted in Rome in 236 A.D. It is referenced in RIC 3, Cohen 3, BMC 129.

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Diva Paulina Augusta, was the “most nobil” mother of Gaius Julius Verus Maximus, who had been appointed Caesar (in 236) by his Imperial father, emperor Maximinus. The coinage for Paulina, all of it posthumous “consecration” issues, consisted of a single aureus, and small numbers of denarii and sestertii. The silver occurs with two CONSECRATIO reverse types: one with Juno’s peacock standing facing with tail fully spread; the other with Paulina seated waving on the back of a peacock which is flying.

Practically everything known about the wife of emperor Maximinus Thrax (i.e. the Thracian) is recorded by two Roman historians who do not mention her name. Worse yet, one of the great sources of consternation for modern catalogers of the coinage for Empress Caecilia Paulina is the lack of sculptural likenesses to corroborate the visage on the coins. Humphrey Sutherland, in RIC IV pt. 2, p. 135, observes: “Both Ammianus Marcellinus and Zonaras refer to Maximinus wife, though without giving her name: and the attribution to this lady of the coins bearing the legend DIVA PAVLINA rests on the resemblance of the portraiture to that of Maximinus himself.” “If, therefore, she is to be identified with the Paulina of the coins, the date of her consecration is difficult to determine.”
Obverse side
Veiled & draped bust right

Reverse side
Paulina, holding scepter, being carried off on the back of a peacock

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 26,8 g
Dimensions 33,6 mm


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