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Augustus and Capricorn AE Sestertius Roman Empire Bronze Coin with Stunning Patina Museum Reproduction CBRS0019


This AE Bronze Roman Empire Sestertius depicts Augustus. It is of uncertain mint and year. These dies are either unpublished in standard references or possibly a modern forgery.

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The Capricorn had an important place in the myth of the divinity of Augustus. It was the sign of the month of Augustus’s conception. The importance Augustus gave to the sign of the Capricorn is ascribed by Suetonius to what the astrologer Theogenes told Augustus in his youth:
“[A]t Apollonia, Augustus mounted with Agrippa to the studio of the astrologer Theogenes. Agrippa was the first to try his fortune, and when a great and almost incredible career was predicted to him, Augustus persisted in concealing the time of his birth and in refusing to disclose it, through diffidence and fear that he might be found to be less eminent. When at last he gave it unwillingly and hesitatingly, and only after many urgent requests, Theogenes sprang up and threw him- self at his feet. From that time on Augustus had such faith in his destiny that he made his horoscope public, and issued a silver coin stamped with the sign of the constellation Capricorn, under which he was born.”
The Capricorn does indeed appear on various coins minted by Augustus. A coin minted in Spain shows a goat with two horns that support a globe, and underneath is the inscription “Augustus.” Augustus also placed the sign of the Capricorn on some of the standards of the Roman legions. As classicist J. R. Fears explained, the Capricorn signified that Augustus reigned with the favor of the gods and had been chosen by them to rule the world.

Obverse side
Laureate head right

Reverse side
Aurora, radiate, flying right holding veil; capricorn right; below, a globe
ROM ET AVG, S-C across

A perfect choice for Numismatists, Historians, Military Veterans, Collectors.

Weight 32,57 g
Dimensions 37,3 mm


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